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2023 R&D priorities and priority Countries

2023 R&D priorities and priority Countries

2023 IS HERE!

Our R&D priorities for 2023 will define the scope of operation, sectors of interest and activities of our group for the year. They will also decide which country we will work in/with for the year.

Our goal is to maintain an R&D activity in every continent, at least one country per continent. We also believe in OECD protocols and rankings for ease of doing business to decide which country we will work in.

We will hold a few dialogue series in November and December for proper consultation with our partners continent by continent.

As a founder myself, I do enjoy cooperation of EURAXESS Belgium headquarters, EURAXESS Bulgaria and EURAXESS Norway where I'm currently listed as an European Area Researcher. Our team of seasoned experts and researchers are routinely drawn from the multinational, multicultural EURAXESS pool

I have recently concluded Norwegian settlement program which further establishes my practice as a local

As a Science entrepreneur, our dialogue series will spotlight a wide rage of problems from both public and private sectors with a commitment to finding innovative solutions delivered to authorities and businesses

We look forward to inviting you as we prepare to serve you better

Franklin Borge Rade


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