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[Development and Enterprise, Innovating for Sustainability]

RADE is a Norwegian R&D group established by a former Consular Attaché to contribute years of experience from foreign service to multilateral responses to global emergencies particularly in the wake of climate, military and health crises that are taking newer dimensions in recent times. The founder, Franklin Borge Rade was on November 30, 2023 elected a board member of Oslo-Stovner Høyre

( Norway´s largest political party) for 2023-2025 term. He believes Stovner, a town of 33,000 residents is a perfect meeting place for Development, Enterprise, Innovation and Sustainability. Soon after his election, he chose the Norwegian University of Life Sciences as his 2023-2025 venue for his policy dialogue series. RADE in years to come will focus on any and all issues affecting Development, Enterprise and Sustainability be it political, industrial or governance. 

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A new reality unfolded dramatically before our very eyes in such a short period marked by sweeping Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain crises and prolonged military conflicts around the world  

Both economic and political landscapes remain shattered and yet, an end to these disruptions are still at no foreseeable sight.

The scale of our response to extreme climate events leaves the global energy transition plan behind schedule. Amidst these unprecedented circumstances, humanity is confronted with the urgency and difficulty of resolving all these crises or face unprecedented but largely self inflicted decimation. It is with this sense of concern that we have set up a chain of initiatives at RADE, bringing together young and experienced researchers around the table with gears on, ready for the storm.

As an individual who left active consular service 7 years ago, I believe in experiences and network of senior diplomats, scholars, political leaders, monarchs, business and religious leaders with whom I have worked closely in those 13 years in Europe and Africa. While I appreciate that many like myself have retired to private life, I believe it is yet another call to duty. We can bring our wealth of experience and goodwill to support those we left in public or foreign service at a time like this.

I thank you for visiting this page and I invite you to series of our scheduled programs. Please browse through the entire website and let us hear from you.

Thank you once again for your kind attention.

Franklin Borge Rade

Oslo, 01.01.2022


“What leaders do for their people today is government and politics, but what they do for people of tomorrow is statesmanship”

Queen Elizabeth II 

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