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PRESS STATEMENT: Norway-UK Seafood Summit 2024, RADEs In Attendance

Updated: Mar 23

The Norwegian Seafood Council invited Linda and I to the 2024 annual Seafood Summit held on 27th February in London and we attended.

First, I want to thank the Council's UK Director Victoria Braathen and her team for a very generous reception.

Norwegian Seafood Council was my first port of call in 2015 when I moved to Norway to further my a Research practice as a fish biologist and a science entrepreneur, after 13 long years of Consular service.

An export license was approved for this 9 year old R&D firm, RADE, earlier in January 2024 for all categories of Norwegian Seafood to all countries.

Linda, my wife, a native of Northern Norway was gracious in her show of support as always, at the Summit, day after which we embarked on retail rounds to London's major stores.

Norway-UK Seafood Summit 2024 was a landmark event beginning our entry into the Seafood export to UK and beyond.

At RADE, we are committed to advancing trade and research ties with the UK in the Seafood sector through quality product development, ensuring we serve the British consumers and other industry interests with unparalleled precision.

Further statements will clarify our goals in days ahead.

In closing, I want to thank the Tromso team of the Norwegian Seafood Council for a remarkable cooperation thus far

Franklin Borge Rade

Founder, Research And Development Enterprise, RADE


29th February, 2024

Linda and I with Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council for the United Kingdom, Victoria Braathen (Middle) During the Norway-UK Summit

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