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Former European Consular Attaché, Practicing European Area Researcher with EURAXESS BHO Sofia University &

Founder, Research And Development Enterprise, RADE 

Franklin Borge Rade, Born 19.02.1977,  is a former European Consular and Agricultural attache with 13 years of service in Africa. In 2015, he retired to a private practice as an European Area Researcher in Norway. 
He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Fisheries and Wildlife in 2000, Master of Science in Fisheries in 2002 (Reference NOKUT). Franklin speaks Norwegian and English as working languages. In 2015, he founded Research And Development Enterprise, RADE in Norway. His research interests include International Affairs, Development Studies and Science Entrepreneurship. His hometown is Melbu same as his wife, Mrs Rade L.H (Norwegian) and Son Alexander. 

Franklin Borge Rade was on 30th November, 2023 elected a board member of Oslo-Stovner Høyre 

(Norway´s largest political party) for 2023-2025 term. He believes Stovner, a town of 33,000 residents is a perfect meeting place for Development, Enterprise, Innovation and Sustainability. Soon after his election, he chose the Norwegian University of Life Sciences as his 2023-2025 venue for his policy dialogue series. "RADE in years to come will focus on any and all issues affecting Development, Enterprise and Sustainability be it political, industrial or governance" said Franklin. 

He is available for public lectures and keynote speaking roles amongst other research collaborations and can be contacted directly at:  

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